Friends, readers, or to whom it may concern. A paparazzo grabbed shots of me tickling away on the ivory keys. And because some of you show an unhealthy captivation for my envious life, I was reluctant to share this; lest you vomit from sickening adoration. But I accept the risks, and humbly shove these photos in your face for you to print out and tack to the ceiling above your bed. 

Cooper - Photo Via Park Slope Lens My neighborhood blog, Fucked In Park Slope, covered an excellent project called Sing For Hope. Where 88 pianos pop-up in New York City to benefit schools, hospitals and communities; bringing art to everyone. Any member of the public can jump on and ride these musical bulls. So, being a musical dilettante myself, I had to hammer out some funky licks to balance out that superb cowlick of mine. Here's a snippet from the original post by the inimitable Kerri. Check out the full article here.  

Because I am less of a piano player and more of a ukulele strummer, I opted to NOT aggravate each passing jogger and dog walker with that annoying song you play with your knuckles on the black keys. Instead I let a real piano player hop on there to work his magic. It was pretty awesome."  

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