In this hilarious video, the Czech President attempts to spirit away a ceremonial pen. But If there ever was a video on how not to misdirect, this would be it. What's interesting is, his attempt to do it secretly is what gave him away. What would have been a wiser approach, happens to be my favorite technique in deception. Brazenness. Had he simply pocketed the pen without a moments consideration, we'd never be watching this video, we'd assume the pen was his. And I can tell you from experience, all good deception has its foundation in wrong assumptions. But instead, we assume he's up to no good when he hides his hands, looks to the sky (away from the "heat"), and to top it off, tries to "play it cool" by waving at someone in the crowd. If your going to do something wrong, you might as well do it right. Be confident, brazen, and truly believe what your doing is natural. 

On the other hand, I suppose it's a good thing some presidents don't practice regular deception.