Friends, readers, or to whom it may concern. A paparazzo grabbed shots of me tickling away on the ivory keys. And because some of you show an unhealthy captivation for my envious life, I was reluctant to share this; lest you vomit from sickening adoration. But I accept the risks, and humbly shove these photos in your face for you to print out and tack to the ceiling above your bed. 


I've expressed my affection for classical music before, but will admit an exaggeration of interest. A slightly pretentious choice, I do realize. I only listened because sometimes I would sink into it, though secretly never enjoyed it with the same passion I hold for the Blues. At least not until I stumbled upon this speech given at TED. It truly inspired my honest interest and growing passion for Classical music, evoking a wondrous new feeling! However I still reserve late nights for the Blues and a beer, but Classical music has a new place in my affections. Benjamin has inspired a fire inside of me, and has tickled my itch for the ivory keys.

Watch the video when you have some free time to really listen, and I can promise your enlightenment. let Benjamin Zander take you into his world and come out of it on one buttock (you'll see)