"Everyone has been raving non-stop!"



STAGE show

Invite me to take the stage and glue people to their seats with mental feats involving the whole room. Ideal for corporate events.  

When requested on stage, I involve everyone in the room because the show is about them -- their minds, their thoughts, their reactions. Imagine displays of...

  • Group telepathy
  • Accurate & hilarious character readings
  • Impossible memory stunts
  • Giving mental powers to your VIP, and more 

It packs small and plays big, leaving you to focus on other event details. Contact me to inquire about pricing, booking, or any other questions. I look forward to hearing from you. You can find photos and video footage on my Gallery page by clicking here

* Stage Show bookings may last between five and sixty minutes -- let's discuss the best option. 

Mystery Guest

Invite me to mingle and perform close-up, as your personal mystery guest. Close-up is ideal for a cocktail hour or reception.

When invited as a mystery guest, I'll mingle and perform mind reading demonstrations that are fun and light hearted. Later, small groups will sit with me for a more personal experience...

  • Guessing pin numbers
  • Sketching images they're thinking of
  • Revealing memories, like their first crush, recent travels, and much more left to surprise

Like an immersive theater for the mind, it stirs up conversation and makes for a great story. Availability is limited, so get in touch to inquire about booking, pricing, or next weeks lottery numbers.

* Mystery Guest bookings may last between one and three hours -- let's discuss the best option.  

 "Matt Cooper is Phenomenal... Genius!"