About me: As a Mentalist (aka Mind Reader) I have a decade of experience, entertaining groups ranging from Fortune 500 company VIPs, to celebrities and other private party guests. In addition to my own work, I spent two years on tour with Olivier Award winner and Master Mentalist Derren Brown, who inspired the hit TV show, The Mentalist.  

Today, I live in New York City and travel the world as a professional Mentalist, reading minds close-up and on stage. Learn more about my Booking Options.

"Everyone Has Been Raving Non-Stop"

New York Academy of Art

"Guests Leave Singing Your Praises"


"Amazing, Mind-Blowing, Brilliant"

The Tribeca Ball

What's a Mentalist? A Mentalist uses the five known senses to create the illusion of a sixth: telepathy, mind control, mind reading, memory feats, hypnosis, predictions of the future, and other mental mysteries. Think "psychic magician", if that helps. Are you interested? Here's what to expect at your party.

Is a Mentalist right for your event? A Mentalist is ideal for sophisticated events brimming with bright and skeptical people who think they've seen it all. These events can include (but are not limited to) special celebrations, corporate events, private galas, lavish parties, and swanky soirées. When booked, I often appear as a "Mystery Guest," wow-ing unsuspecting party goers with a concoction of mental mysteries. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch -- what am I, a mind reader?


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