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As promised in an earlier post, here's the photo of that horrible moment when I realized I couldn't actually ride a horse, not to mention bareback. Sure, my decision to gallop to the tune of "HEAA" was ill-advised. But the movie that played in my head, between mount and dismount, if you like, was that of a naturally talented, tough, all around renaissance man; the kind portrayed in those  Dos Equis commercials. I thought to myself, as I handed my cell over for safe keeping, "I too can be the most interesting man in the world..." All I had to do was jump the gate triumphantly, and gallop off into the valley. 

The trouble with this is apparent. The guy in those commercials is an actor, and by default, couldn't possibly be the most interesting man in the world. Furthermore, I'm writing a blog, so I too couldn't be that man. Surely the most interesting man in the world is somewhere over Asia in his private jet, and not posting pics of it on his Twitter.

With that, I'm happy to show a little humility in this post, and try to find solace in the fact that even when I fall, I get a laugh out of it. 

Yours truly, 


P.S Check out my killer tomahawk and gun technique. I had never done either before, and jumped at the opportunity.